ChoiceNet Filtering Now Part of Lucent's Total Security Offering

Lucent's ChoiceNetTM is a dynamic filter management technology that automates the administration of packet filters over InterNetworking Systems networks and extends filtering to address new applications.

ChoiceNet implements a client-server architecture for packet filters. Instead of manually configuring and administrating filter rules on each access device, ChoiceNet filters are configured once on the ChoiceNet server, and then referenced by name either on the access device or in a RADIUS 2.0TM user record. When a specific filter name is invoked by a router interface or by a RADIUS-authorized dial-in session, the filter rules are dynamically downloaded to the PortMaster®, IRXTM Router, or Office Router and implemented on the requesting interface.

ChoiceNet also expands the flexibility of filters by providing a "site list" facility, whereby network managers may create large lists of hosts that are stored on the ChoiceNet server and referenced for permit or denial from a filter ruleset. These site lists may be used to create highly customized dial-up or static IP/IPX access control for corporate networks. Site lists may also be used to provide access control of Internet connections for business, schools, and other organizations.

Benefits of ChoiceNet:

  • Reduces Administration of packet filters, replacing time-consuming manual configuration
  • Improves security through centralized automation of filter updates
  • Increases flexibility of filters to address new applications

Access control client notification software for Windows and MacOS is also provided, which notifies users if they are attempting to access sites that are denied by a packet filter.