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PortMaster Documentation
Additional References
Document Conventions
Document Advisories
Contacting Lucent InterNetworking Systems Technical Support
For the EMEA Region
For North America, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific Region
PortMaster Training Courses
Subscribing to PortMaster Mailing Lists
1. Introduction
Accessing the Command Line Interface
2. PortMaster 4 Management Commands
PortMaster 4 Management Commands
3. Global Settings
Displaying Global Information
Summary of Global Commands
Global Commands
RADIUS Client Commands
ChoiceNet Client Commands
SNMP Commands
4. Ethernet Interface
Displaying Ethernet Information
Summary of Ethernet Commands
Ethernet Commands
Ethernet Subinterface Commands
5. Asynchronous Ports
Displaying Asynchronous Port Information
Summary of Asynchronous Commands
Asynchronous Port Types
Asynchronous Commands
Modem Commands
6. Synchronous Ports
Displaying Synchronous Port Information
Summary of Synchronous Port Commands
Synchronous Commands
7. Basic Routing
Displaying Routing Information
Summary of Routing Commands
General Routing Commands
Static Routing Commands
RIP Commands
Netmask Commands
Routing Information
8. OSPF Routing
Displaying OSPF Information
Summary of OSPF Commands
OSPF Commands
9. BGP Routing
Displaying BGP Information
Summary of BGP Commands
BGP Commands
10. Users
Displaying User Information
Summary of User Commands
User Commands
11. Locations and DLCIs
Displaying Location Information
Summary of Location Commands
Location Commands
DLCI  Commands
12. Filters
Displaying Filter Information
Summary of Filter Commands
Filter Commands
13. Hosts
Displaying Host Information
Summary of Host Commands
Description of Host Commands
14. Debug
Summary of Debug Commands
Debug Commands
15. ISDN PRI, T1, and E1
Displaying ISDN PRI, T1, and E1 Diagnostic Information
Summary of ISDN PRI, T1, and E1 Commands
ISDN PRI, T1, and E1 Commands
16. T3 Mux Board
Displaying T3 Mux Diagnostic Information
Summary of T3 Mux Commands
T3 Mux Commands
17. L2TP
Displaying L2TP Diagnostic Information
Summary of L2TP Commands
L2TP Commands
A. Basic Commands
B. TCP and UDP Ports and Services
C. Command Values

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