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  About This Addendum

PortMaster Documentation
Document Conventions
Document Advisories
Contacting Lucent NetCare Technical Support
For the EMEA Region
For North America, CALA, and the Asia Pacific Region
PortMaster Training Courses
Subscribing to PortMaster Mailing Lists
1. Installing and Working with the
Redundant System Manager Module
Redundant System Manager Module Description
Overview of Redundant Manager Operation
Physical Characteristics of a Manager Module
Installation and Configuration Requirements
Verifying Hardware and Software for Redundant Operation
Safety Precautions
Grounding Wrist Strap Instructions
Installing a Redundant System Manager Module
DIP Switch Settings
Connecting a Console
(Optional) Connecting an External Modem
Connecting an Ethernet Cable
Ethernet 10/100BaseT
Ethernet 10BaseT
Configuring a Redundant System Manager Module
Configuring the Ethernet Interfaces
Primary Manager Module Selection at Startup
SNMP Alarms Supporting Redundancy
Using PMVison 1.8 with a Redundant System Manager Module
Configuring Manager Information
Downloading an Image of ComOS
Troubleshooting a Redundant System Manager Module
Handling System Manager Module Failure
Primary Manager Module Failover
Troubleshooting Communication between Manager Modules
Replacing a Failed Manager Module
Upgrading a Replacement Manager Module to ComOS 4.2
2. RADIUS Improvements for L2TP
New L2TP Command
New L2TP Bearer Type Attribute
New RADIUS Tunnel Attributes for L2TP
RADIUS Tunnel Attribute Tags
3. ComOS 4.2 Commands
Redundant Manager Module Commands
RADIUS Commands
L2TP Command
Global Command
SS7 Commands
A. Cable Specifications
Modem Cable
Console Cable
RJ-45 Cable
Ethernet Cable Specifications


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